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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Malaysia is just a conspiracy

Yes! Malaysia has no longer exist since Singapore leave the united countries. Yet the independant Sabah and Sarawak has been degraded as states of Malaysia just because the poor native are not educated. We've been robbed by the greedy blood suckers that took our natural resources and land.

These are the conversation going on in Facebook before I decided to blog about this sad entry:

Me from Sabah: It would be a different story if Sabah and Sarawak had the same currency with Brunei Dollar and not Ringgit Malaysia. You blood sucking will be nothing without our natural resources in the first place! I'm always a proud Sabahan but lost my love for Malaysia long long time ago

Friend from Sarawak: We can do our part now by sharing the info around whether online or offline and hope one will stand up regroup the people and fight for our true Independence. Oh, the agreement already void, so technically Malaysia does not exist. :/

Me from Sabah: Malaya can do whatever they want, Sabah and Sarawak must unite to regain our rights for our next generations! We need to pull ourselves away from those bloody suckers!!!

Friend from Sarawak: Rephrase on they do whatever they want on their land, keep out from ours :)

Me from Sabah: the worse part, they sold our land and chase our people away from our homes. What are they without us in the first place? I feel very sad for the innocents and money is not what they want but home by their ancestors to their next generation. These robbers not only taken their land, but they took their jobs, theirs food, their homes, theirs lives! Been to these kampung during church mission trip and these people are enjoying the lives they had without complains even with the shortage of water and electrical supply by the government they voted who abandon them for years. I have to agree that without the people there won't be a government!

Friend from Sarawak: Same here. :( Our people are getting their land rob in broad day light. Another is the illegal immigration of people to your state and giving them citizen-ships and rob away your lands. So let's do our part to change this

If you think what the blood sucker done with the money of the tax payers are shitty, being taken for grated is still not that bad. I think being chased away from home and being treated like savages by those barbarians when cries being ignored by the leaders that suppose to look after their people is the saddest story that my native friends are suffering from.

Please prepare yourself and spare half an hour of your time to witness this heart breaking news :( Do check out 18/20 Point Malaysia Agreement for your own understanding.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks Nuffnang for the 2 x 2 BE

Last month received a few clicked ads income, this month Nuffnang rewarded me with 2 X 2 BE!!!

What is 2 x 2?

It means both Singingcoconut and World Today are running 2 BE at the same time!!!

I know it's not enough to buy mom her birthday dinner yet, but still thanks to Nuffnang for the treatment though my last BE was back @ last August with 4cents even when I'm not active in blogging :D Thanks a million NUffnang, me love you deep deep!

Gonna work hard for my Sydney trip this spring so won't you just drop by this blog more often. I will update more stuff as my token of appreciation to my loyal readers :D You can also "like" Totoro Wabbit to receive latest updates on my blogs ;)