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Friday, June 29, 2012

RM595.20 from Nuffnang!!!

Hey peeps, I just cash out RM539.78 from my account since 2008 when I first blog under the guide of Nuffies and Nuffnangers,Thank you Nuffnang for the continues my support and funding my passion in blogging ;)

3rd Cash Out @ 2012

A lot bloggers earn thousands of Ringgit but still say it's little. To me, it's never little and I'm thankful to be a part of Nuffnang. Mid August I'm gonna be RM55.42 richer! Don't jealous with my June earning ya :p I'm expecting RM52.51 cheque in 2 weeks time for April/May income ^_^

P/S: Dear Nuffnang, please continue to give me more BE can?xoxo

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Words in Pic Wednesday: Suddenly I feel...

Since I'm sick of so many no so WORDLESS WEDNESDAY post out there, I decided to come out with my own WORD IN PIC WEDNESSDAY.

Suddenly I feel... :(

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

1 Glass of Alcohol a day

Lately, my work has been driving me crazy. I never like the first and end of the month because I always end up working like a MAD COW!

Seriously, I need my ALCOHOL :p

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Pending BE?

Last month I had a few Buffered Earning. Surprisingly one of the remain freeze for the past few weeks. Guess what? It's Euro month and my pending BE is running again, wee~
Pending BE is back running :D

Thanks for the Love Nuffnang. I hope my reader will check out the Carlsberg ad if you wanna be the lucky 100 fans this Euro 2012. Night peeps~

I'm Going to KK Jazz Festival!!!

Today I noticed a giveaway by Breeze Magazine. Wasn't really confident since I didn't get to win a gift for my mom last mother's day and was a little too late to grab some other passes. Guess today is my lucky day because...

I'm going to KK Jazz Festival!!!

I'm so excited!!! 2 days passes worth RM100 makes my day. But mom wasn't happy about it since she was a little too late to grab hers =X I can't wait to meet my vocal idol Juwita Suwito, guitarist Roger Wang, my friend KoAn from Jackfruit and many more! Once again I want to thank Breeze for this awesome opportunity. See you there on Friday & Saturday!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Derric Chew wants you to be a Millionaire

I just saw something interesting in Facebook. It says...

Something BIG is coming for Sabahan Bloggers


Seriously it's very weird. To have a chance to be the LUCKY ONE, just spread to as many people as possible and he will recognize you as one of the EARLY BIRD.

My question to Mr. Derric Chew:
1, How is it possible for me to share when your sharing doesn't have a SHARE BUTTON in Facebook?
2, How is it possible for you to know how many have I shared to if this is not a product selling, multi-level marketing?

Is this really a once in a lifetime opportunity? Is this too good to be true or there's really free lunch in this world? I wanna have my shopping spree @ Sydney this spring la... The answer will review in a few weeks time when it launch. Any readers wanna make a wild guess?

If this post does get your attention, do spend sometime to check out

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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Trying Too Hard to Show Off?

Trying too hard to impress someone?

Maybe it's time to stop showing off what is not real. You know what I'm talking about. Happy weekends peeps~


Friday, June 8, 2012

Believe me when I say I'm GREAT in bed

Hey peeps, I've been on slacking mode for a while. Anybody misses me? :D I know most of the guys will be up tonight for the opening match. Here what I got for you guys...

I'm GREAT in bed.

So yeah, screw Euro Cup unless Germany wins =X Well, you can check out the banner above to see if you're fan enough to win yourself a free trip to Euro for the final match :p Good luck folks and good night~