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Monday, June 11, 2012

Derric Chew wants you to be a Millionaire

I just saw something interesting in Facebook. It says...

Something BIG is coming for Sabahan Bloggers


Seriously it's very weird. To have a chance to be the LUCKY ONE, just spread to as many people as possible and he will recognize you as one of the EARLY BIRD.

My question to Mr. Derric Chew:
1, How is it possible for me to share when your sharing doesn't have a SHARE BUTTON in Facebook?
2, How is it possible for you to know how many have I shared to if this is not a product selling, multi-level marketing?

Is this really a once in a lifetime opportunity? Is this too good to be true or there's really free lunch in this world? I wanna have my shopping spree @ Sydney this spring la... The answer will review in a few weeks time when it launch. Any readers wanna make a wild guess?

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Minda Berahi said...

huh WTH

Danny Foo said...

Technically, Facebook doesn't allow us to use it as a tool for contests without going through the proper app channels. Then again, there's a loophole depending how you do it.

mindaberahi said...

Huh lolz 

Caro said...

wow :3

Henry Tan said...

sabahan blogger only too bad. =p

Vibrant Kitty said...

I have attended one of his preview.  Selling his skills on setting up on-line marketing websites.  I didn't buy into his idea.    

Shane Ho said...

Hi Nathalie,

I am Shane, one of Derric's project manager for this event. To help you with the concern raised:

1. Sharing is a form of promotion and what we meant here as early bird is we counted you as the lucky group of people who will be eligible to come for the program details on how to become the Millionaire (therefore sharing itself will not win a ticket to become a millionaire but an opportunity to come and find out more)

2. Yes, This is a REAL opportunity by Derric & his fund holders. They are going to fund the lucky ones in their business ideas & groom them to become the next millionaire.

P/S: We will keep track of those helping us to spread the news as the early bird, likewise how we have found you & your blog. =)

Wabbit said...

Sakio o.O

Wabbit said...

Danny, you're the pro. Teach me!!!

Wabbit said...

Sakio huh? #2

Wabbit said...

Caro, wee~

Wabbit said...

Henry, you can always try your luck :D

Wabbit said...

Kitty, nice. Thanks for your review

Wabbit said...

Thanks Shane. Hope to hear more from you soon :)

Danny Foo said...

One of the ways my friend is doing it is he announced the contest mechanics offline to the participants taking part.

If it's solely via Facebook, then you'll have to create an app or look for one which you can use. Be it for voting, sweepstakes or others. :)

Wabbit said...

Danny, I have no idea what you're talking about @_@

Blogger said...

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