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Friday, June 8, 2012

Believe me when I say I'm GREAT in bed

Hey peeps, I've been on slacking mode for a while. Anybody misses me? :D I know most of the guys will be up tonight for the opening match. Here what I got for you guys...

I'm GREAT in bed.

So yeah, screw Euro Cup unless Germany wins =X Well, you can check out the banner above to see if you're fan enough to win yourself a free trip to Euro for the final match :p Good luck folks and good night~


Henry Tan said...

hahaha u shud go watch too instead of staying in bed. =p

Wabbit said...

Henry, cannot le. I just woke up from an awesome rest. Last night work till 7pm no energy to stay up.

Emily-cwt said...

haha im great in bed too but i would sacrifice my beauty sleep for germany! have been supporting them since young! screw it if they dont win :( . have a great day nath! <3