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Monday, June 6, 2011

E-mail from Gmail Management

Seriously what will you do if you receive such love letter? Kindly let me know :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Party VIP style @7aste Queenstown at Johor Bahru

Spotted Suresh asking blogger friends from FaceBook if anyone is interested to join him to party like a RockStar at Johore coming 10 June. Since I never been to any clubs in JB and I'm gonna travel back to Singapore from home for my best friend's wedding, I'm excited to attend this premium event.

Hhmm... Wonder what is it about the smoothness for the 3 nights event? What lies in Queenstown New Zealand? Will there be a free trip for the lucky winner? Seriously I won't know unless my sophisticated blogger friend Suresh is gonna take me this genuine party of my life! Please bring me with you, I have not been party for ages and you know it!

P/S: Wonder if I'm gonna meet any old pals in such event since I've been away from blogging events for quite some times =X

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Obedient Wives Club to offer sex lessons on how to pleasure husbands

Erm... Guys, seriously will you stop f*cking around if your gf/wive make sure you're always happy in bed (only)? Just curious...

RAWANG: Sex lessons to help wives “serve their husbands better than a first-class prostitute” will be among the courses provided by the Obedient Wives Club (OWC) to help promote harmonious marriages and counter social ills.

Its vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad said it was time sexual prowess took a front seat in marriage beyond the traditional “good mother or good cook” roles.

Ishak Md Nor (centre) poses with two of his three wives, Aishah Ghafar (left) and second wife Afiratul Abidah Anan and three of his nine children, at the launch of The Obedient Wives Club in Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

“A good or religious wife is also sexually good in bed,” she told reporters after the launch of the club's Malaysian chapter at the Perangsang Templer Golf Club Saturday.

A husband who was kept happy in the bedroom would have no reason to stray or seek out prostitutes or indulge in other social vices, said Dr Rohaya, who was a medical doctor for 15 years in the Health Ministry before taking a leadership role in the club.

“The family institution is protected and we can curb social ills like prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies,” she said, adding that she believed these problems stemmed from unfulfilled sexual needs at home.

Dr Rohaya, said the club would also offer counselling and lecture sessions for wives, husbands or couples.

She said the Malaysian chapter had around 800 members while its Jordan chapter had 200, with the Indonesian chapter set to be launched on June 19 in Jakarta.

When questioned whether wives should remain obedient if their husbands still abused or cheated on them with prostitutes, Dr Rohaya said everyone was subject to God's rule.

“God has his ways and is fair to all. A husband is also subject to God's rule, meaning he can go to hell too. But a woman must be a good wife to the end,” she said, adding that according to Islam, women should pray, fast during Ramadhan, protect their chastity and obey their husbands if they wanted to enter Heaven.

OWC and the Polygamy Club was formed by Global Ikhwan Sdn Bhd, an organisation founded by former members of the banned Al-Arqam Islamic group.

A mass wedding reception for eight couples was also held during the launch.

The brides were aged 18 to 22 while the grooms were aged 20 to 48. All are OWC members and agreed that disobedient wives were the cause of many social ills.

Source: The Star

Friday, February 11, 2011

Difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED

Difference between COMPLETE and FINISHED

People say there is no difference between COMPLETE & FINISHED....

But there is. When you marry the right one, you are COMPLETE....

And when you marry the wrong one, you are FINISHED.....

And when the right one catches you with the wrong one, you are...

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

400 people volunteered for a one-way trip to Mars

Happy Birthday everyone! Today is 初七 (the 7th day of Chinese New Year), traditionally known as “renri” (人日), the common man's birthday and the day when everyone grows one year older.

Want to make Mars home sweet home?
(Photo by ESA via Getty Images)

Sure, most of us are curious about what life on Mars would be like. But I'm betting most of us wouldn't volunteer to move there permanently.

There's no shortage of people who would make the one-way trip if given the chance, according to TIME magazine and Fox News. They report Journal of Cosmology editor Lana Tao received about 400 emails from readers eager to move to Mars, excited by an aricle about the possibility of sending humans to the planet.

The article suggested that a one-way trip would be cheaper, making colonization a more realistic option.

This sounds like a scene from a bad science-fiction movie, but Tao assures us its it's for real.

TIME gave an example of the kind of letters Tao has received:
"I am ready to go to Mars. Sign me up," wrote 69-year-old computer programmer Pasha Rostov. "I do VERY well with solitude," he wrote. "I am handy with tools, very good at making things work, have generated my own solar energy, built three houses (with my own hands) and am quite sane and stable."

Some scientists aren't convinced people know what they're volunteering for. Life on Mars could actually be frightfully boring, not to mention fatal.

Original source

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Little Elephant¹s Story

Once upon a time there lived a little elephant in the far, far away jungle. But this little elephant was not a good boy, and never listen to what his mother tells him. She always says:” Be careful where you are going and don’t wonder around, because the jungle is not the safest place to be!”, but he didn’t care a lot about what his mother’s talking. One day he went to the river and the crocodile caught him. Little elephant tried to run away, but it was to late, the crocodile already got him. He started to yell, and good thing that his mother, father and all the family did heard his screaming, so they all run to the rescue and saved little elephant. From that day onwards this little elephant never was a bad bay and listened to his mother and became fine and big elephant! Always listen to your mothers!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Quotes, Thoughts & Inspiration

BTW, Naththinks is currently on Twitter ^_^

Practical, yet refreshing, in just 500 words a day!!!

The best doctors are Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Merryman. - Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

If I knew you and you knew me
If both of us could clearly see,
And with an inner sight divine
The meaning of your heart and mine.
I'm sure that we would differ less
And clasp our hands in friendliness;
Our thought would pleasantly agree
If I knew you and you knew me.
- Nixon Waterman

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with my problems longer. - Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

Maybe I'm just not a lucky guy. - Yao Ming, after his latest injury

To see if "Yao" is an unlucky name:

Impulse without reason is not enough and reason without impulse is a poor makeshift. - William James

O Lord, our God, help us to tear their soldiers to bloody shreds with our shells; help us to cover their smiling fields with the pale forms of their patriot dead; help us to drown the thunder of the guns with the shrieks of their wounded, writhing in pain; help us to lay waste their humble homes with a hurricane of fire; help us to wring the hearts of their unoffending widows with unavailing grief; help us to turn them out roofless with their little children to wander unfriended the wastes of their desolated land in rags and hunger and thirst, sport of the sun-flames of summer and the icy winds of winter, broken in spirit, worn with travail, imploring thee for the refuge of the grave and denied it -- for our sakes who adore thee, Lord, blast their hopes, blight their lives, protract their bitter pilgrimage, make
heavy their steps, water their way with tears, stain the white snow with the blood of their wounded feet! We ask it, in the spirit of love, of Him Who is the source of love, and Who is the ever-faithful refuge and friend of all that are sore, beset, and seek His aid with humble and contrite hearts. Amen. - Samuel Langhorne Clemens [Mark Twain] (1835-1910)

From now on, depressions will be scientifically created. - Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr., 1913, on the signing of the Federal Reserve Act

Ideals are like stars -- you will not succeed in touching them with your hands but, like the seafaring man on the desert of waters, you choose them as your guides and
following them reach your destiny. - Carl Schurz

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mahathir-The most corrupted person in the World

Got this e-mail from my god father. To be honest I don't really hate him but I bet not a lot of people really like him for the things he done. Well, read below and decide yourself.

Maybe you have read this before. Just in case you have forgotten about it just before the elections....

Malaysia has squandered an estimated RM100 billion on financial scandals under the 22-year rule of Dr Mahathir Mohamad, according to a new book about the former prime minister.

According to Barry Wain, author of the soon-to-be launched ‘Malaysian Maverick: Mahathir Mohamad in Turbulent Times’, direct financial losses amounted to about RM50 billion.

This doubled once the invisible costs, such as unrecorded write-offs, were taken into account. The RM100 billion total loss was equivalent to US$40 billion at then prevailing exchange rates.

Barry, who is a former editor of the Asian Wall Street Journal, says most of the scams, which included a government attempt to manipulate the international tin price and gambling by Bank Negara on global currency markets, occurred in the 1980s.

‘Malaysian Maverick’ is the first independent, full-length study of Mahathir, who retired in 2003 after more than two decades as premier. The book will be published globally next week by Palgrave Macmillan.

Wain writes that the Mahathir administration, which took office in 1981 with the slogan, “clean, efficient, trustworthy”, was almost immediately embroiled in financial scandals that “exploded with startling regularity”.

By the early 1990s, he says, cynics remarked that it had been “a good decade for bad behaviour, or a bad decade for good behaviour”.

Secret military deal with US

The book also reveals that:

Mahathir, despite his nationalistic rants, signed a secret security agreement with the United States in 1984 that gave the Americans access to a jungle warfare training school in Johor and allowed them to set up a small-ship repair facility at Lumut and a plant in Kuala Lumpur to repair C-130 Hercules transport aircraft.
Mahathir used a secret fund of his ruling Umno to turn the party into a vast conglomerate with investments that spanned almost the entire economy.
Mahathir’s Umno financed its new Putra World Trade Centre headquarters in Kuala Lumpur partly with taxpayers money, by forcing state-owned banks to write off at least RM140 million in interest on Umno loans.
Wain, who is now a writer-in-residence at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies in Singapore, however credits Mahathir with engineering the country’s economic transformation, deepening industrialisation and expanding Malaysia’s middle class.

But Mahathir had undermined state institutions, permitted the spread of corruption and failed to provide for Malaysia’s future leadership, he says.

Related Article:

Do you know that:

Last year, Petronas gained a total pre-tax profit of RM86.8 billion and so far, it has earned about RM600 billion. As the surge of international oil prices, it’s profits will as well substantially grow. But the government has reduced fuel subsidies by a wide margin, turning Malaysia into one of the world’s most expensive oil price oil-producing countries. It makes the people wonder where the huge profit of Petronas has gone?

Former Work Minister Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said in the Parliament last year that the government has compensated a total of RM38.5 billion to 20 highway companies. Also, as the government has stopped building the Scenic Bridge in Johor, it has to compensate RM300 million construction cost to the bridge contractor. Isn’t the spending of such huge amount a waste?

Former Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim revealed that the Central Bank has lost RM30 billion in foreign exchange trading in the 1990s. Who was the manipulator behind it? (Second Finance Minister was in charge of Bank Negara’s Forex trading at that time)

Malaysia Airlines was said to have suffered losses every year. But why to spend RM1.55 million to buy three paintings to decorate its chairman’s office? And why to spend RM7,525 per day to recruit a foreign senior general manager?

Proton Holdings bought a 57.75% stake in MV Agusta for €70 million but sold it at €1 (RM4.50) a year later, causing Proton to lose €75.99 million (RM 348 million)?

Other excesses and wastages:

1. The Bank Bumiputra twin scandals in the early 1980s saw US$1 billion (RM3.2 billion in 2008 ringgit)

2. The Maminco attempt to corner the world tin market in the 1980s is believed to have cost some US$500 million. (RM1.6 billion)

3. Betting in foreign exchange futures cost Bank Negara Malaysia RM30 billion in the 1990s.

4. Perwaja Steel resulted in losses of US$800 million (RM2.56 billion). Eric Chia, was charged with corruption for allegedly steering US$20 million (RM64 million) to a Hong Kong-based company

5. Use of RM10 billion public funds in the Valuecap Sdn. Bhd. operation to shore up the stock market

6. Banking scandal of RM700 million losses in Bank Islam

7. The sale of M.V. Agusta by Proton for one Euro making a loss of €75.99 million (RM 348 million)

8. Wang Ehsan from oil royalty on Terengganu RM7.4 billion from 2004 – 2007

9. For the past 10 years since Philharmonic Orchestra was established, this orchestra has swallowed a total of RM500 million

10. In Advisors Fees, Mahathir was paid RM180,000, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (women and social development affairs) RM404,726 and Abdul Hamid Othman (religious) RM549,675 per annum

11. The government has spent a total of RM3.2 billion in teaching Maths and Science in English over the past five years. Out of the amount, the government paid a whopping RM2.21 billion for the purchase of information and computer technology (ICT) equipments which it is unable to give a breakdown.

12. The commission paid for purchase of jets and submarines to two private companies Perimeker Sdn Bhd and IMT Defence Sdn Bhd amounted to RM910 million.

13. RM300 million to compensate Gerbang Perdana for the RM1.1 billion “Crooked Scenic Half-Bridge”

14. RM1.3 billion have been wasted building the white elephant Customs, Immigration and Quarantine (CIQ) facilities on cancellation of the Malaysia-Singapore scenic bridge

15. RM 100 million on renovation of Parliament building and leaks

16. National Astronaut Programme – RM 40 million

17. National Service Training Programme – yearly an estimate of RM 500 million

18. Eye on Malaysia – RM 30 million and another RM5.7 million of free ticket

19. RM 4.63 billion, ’soft-loan’ to PKFZ

20. RM 2.4 million on indelible ink

21. Samy announced in September 2006 that the government paid compensation amounting to RM 38.5 billion to the highway companies. RM 380 million windfalls for 9 toll concessionaires earned solely from the toll hike in 2008 alone.

22. RM32 million timber export kickbacks involving companies connected to Sarawak Chief Minister and his family.

Bailouts -
23. Two bailouts of Malaysia Airline System RM7.9 billion

24. Putra transport system, which cost RM4.486 billion

25. STAR-LRT bailout costing RM3.256 billion

26. National Sewerage System costing RM192.54 million

27. Seremban-Port Dickson Highway costing RM142 million

28. Kuching Prison costing RM135 million

29. Kajian Makanan dan Gunaan Orang Islam costing RM8.3 million.

30. Le Tour de Langkawi costing RM 3.5 Million

31. Wholesale distribution of tens of millions of shares in Bursa Malaysia under guise of NEP to cronies, children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth billions of ringgits.

32. APs scandal had been going on year-after-year going back for more than three decades, involving a total mind-boggling sum of tens of billions of ringgits

33. Alienation of tens of thousands of hectares of commercial lands and forestry concessions to children and relatives of BN leaders and Ministers worth tens of billions of ringgits

34. Travel around Malaysia and see for yourself how many white elephants like majestic arches, roads paved with fanciful bricks, designer lamp posts, clock towers, Municipal Council buildings that looks more like Istanas, extravagant places of worship, refurbishment of residences of VIPs, abandoned or under-utilised government sports complexes and buildings, etc! Combined they could easily amount to the hundreds of billions of ringgits!

35. Wastages and forward trading of Petronas oil in the 1990s based on the low price of oil then. Since the accounts of Petronas are for the eyes of Prime Minister only, we have absolutely no idea of the amount. Whatever amount, you bet it is COLLOSSAL!

In Time Asia magazine issue on March 15 2004, South East Asian economist at Morgan Stanley in Singapore Daniel Lian, figures “that the country may have lost as much as U$$100 billion (RM320 billion) since the early 1980s to corruption.” Mind you, this is only corruption and it does not include wastages!

All the rakyat’s hard earned money down the drain and they have the audacity to raise fuel prices and asking the people to change their lifestyles.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Man dating 3 women

Seriously, this shows that most men are bastards with the way this guy select his life time partner by his short-term realistic selection. Well, don't we all agree? Wuahaha...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Night pictures of the World

Wonder why my beloved hometown is selected for Survival season 1? This is more likely a joke about my hometown. Hahas, guess it's a good time to laugh on a Saturday morning :)



Niagara Falls




Kota Kinabalu

Sorry Power cut off =X

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comparing Types of Birth Control

You want the cheap way, the daily intake way, the painful way, the lamest way or the recycle way? LOL

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adapt To Change For 2011

God father knows that the year of Tiger wasn't on my side and so he hopes that the up coming Rabbit year will be a better year for me. Thanks Frankie for the sharing. Hopefully it will help out even if it's only a little bit :D Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit ^_^

Change is the only constant. Expect change in 2011 as we adapt to embrace all challenges that come forth. Are you ready for it? Ask yourself this: What can you do better in 2011 than in 2010?

Take a look at the checklist below based on your Profile in BaZi (Chinese Astrology):

ProfileAsk YourselfWhat To Do
The Director:
Direct Wealth
  • Do I have a voice in my head that continuously judge myself and other people?

  • Am I impatient, controlling, opinionated and get defensive when criticized?
  • Learn to give up the need to be right all the time and to accept that things can go wrong.

  • Articulate your feelings better even if you feel uncomfortable about it.
The Pioneer:
Indirect Wealth
  • Do I have an extremely strong exterior that is intimidating to others and hides a less visible but vulnerable interior?

  • Am I demanding, have high expectations of myself and others, impatient and disdains weakness?
  • Learn not to approach the world as a battle ground.

  • Remember that seeking help from others to achieve something does not mean you are weak or incompetent.
The Diplomat:
Direct Officer
  • Do I automatically blend with other people's positive energy but get distressed when I'm around negative ones?

  • Am I indecisive, unassertive, prone to procrastination and be passive-aggressive when pressured?
  • Be vocal about your opinions as you do have real needs and wants instead of going along with others.

  • Accept that conflicts as an inevitable part of life and you can rise through it.
The Warrior:
Seven Killings
  • Do I always worry or engage in anticipatory planning in order to avoid negative possibilities?

  • Am I self-sacrificing, overly compliant/defiant, reactive and dislike ambiguity?
  • Stop making a habit of analyzing your fears when they crop up.

  • Take reasonable risks and pick your fights wisely.
The Friend:
  • Do I focus on others rather than on myself, and do I intuitively know what someone else's needs than my own?

  • Am I unaware of my own needs, have difficulty saying No and gets angry when unappreciated?
  • Develop a more balanced approach to difficult issues and manage your energy and stress levels.

  • Learn to support others but with limits, and that you don't have to please others all the time.
The Leader:
Rob Wealth
  • Do I give different impressions to different people and cannot manage my own changing impulses/feelings?

  • Am I argumentative, envious, stubborn, and always having the need to feel wanted and adored?
  • Discover what you really want instead of being fickle with your decisions.

  • Rely less on external adulation and focus on inspiring others.
The Artist:
Eating God
  • Do I constantly seek new and stimulating people, ideas or events to keep life exciting and moving forward?

  • Am I unfocused, impulsive, reactive to negative feedback and dislike routines?
  • Continue learning and evolving as knowledge is what helps you grow and develop.

  • Learn acceptance in life and that it is OK to negative feelings at times in order to change.
The Performer:
Hurting Officer
  • Do I do all the things I do so that others will value and respect me?

  • Am I overly competitive, abrupt, not always forthcoming and believes my image is my true self?
  • Respect your own emotions and care less about your reputation and image.

  • Remember to take a breather and talk to someone you trust when stressed.
The Analyzer:
Direct Resource
  • When I feel something very strongly, do I hold on to my emotions intensely and often replaying my thoughts, feelings and sensations?

  • Am I easily bored, self-conscious, moody and has difficulty accepting criticism?
  • Develop a way to manage your feelings that works for you.

  • Realize and accept that you can't understand everything.
The Philosopher:
Indirect Resource
  • When a situation gets emotional or intense, do I automatically disconnect from my feelings of the moment and then reconnect with it later at a time and place of my choice?

  • Am I detached, stubborn, unassertive and critical of others?
  • Be less individualistic and hang out with different kinds of people.

  • Think twice before you speak and show kindness towards others.

Print out for BaZi Profiling chart for free at: www.masteryacademy.com/BPS2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Have a mosquito attitude ;)

This is interesting!

1. When lizard is alive, lizard eats ants. When lizard is dead, ants
eat lizard.

Things can turn any time. Don't neglect anyone in your life.

2. Never make the same mistake twice, there are so many new ones, Try a different one each day.

3. A good way to change someone's attitude is to change your own.

Remember: the same sun that melts butter, also hardens clay.
Life is as we think, so think beautifully.

4. Life is just like a sea, we are moving without an end.

Nothing stays with us, what remains is just the memories of some people who touched us as Waves..

5. Whenever you want to know how rich you are? Don't count your cash, Just try to Drop a Tear and count how many hands reach out to WIPE that...that is true richness.

6. Heart tells the eyes: "See less, because you see and I suffer much".
Eyes replied, "Feel less because you feel and I cry a lot."

7. Never change your originality for the sake of others, because no one can play your role better than you. So be yourself, because whatever you are, YOU are the best.

8. Baby mosquito came back after flying for the first time.

His mom asked him, "How do you feel?"
He replied "It was wonderful, Everyone was clapping for me!"

Now that's a Positive Attitude.

Monday, January 10, 2011

In Bed For $100 Only

A sexual joke on a rainy Monday Blue :)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Sad Story of Wander The Abused Stray

I'm so furious about how animals are being treated in such manner!!!

For us, it was a bumpy start to the year - one of our volunteers, S, has been feeding the strays for many years and one of the strays named Wander that he has been feeding was badly abused by foreign worker. To many stray feeders, it's a heartbreaking sight for them because the strays are just like their own children. The stray feeders usually spend alot on food etc from their own pocket.

S then tried to self medicate the dog but unfortunately, the wound got really bad that escalated to wound infections.The rest of MWS volunteers got to know about Wander's plight and quickly raised funds to help in Wander's medical bills. Wander had been sent to vet today for medical treatment. Why would someone do such cruel thing to a poor defenceless life?

Our first sight of the dogs was shocking.
The purpose of this post is to document and highlight the current inhumane and abusive treatment of dogs in Singapore, with the hope that worldwide knowledge and attention will support and assist the people in securing adequate and necessary animal welfare protection.

We hate to think how many more strays are being abused and left to suffer to die out there. We know there are foreign workers who kill the strays for their meat.

It's time our local animal welfare should do something to these animal abusers. More harsh penalties should be imposed.

For now, please pray for Wander's speedy recovery.

Wander is currently recuperating at Mdm Wong Shelter.

Lastly, not forgetting S who saved her life. If Wander is left untreated in the wild, she would have die very soon.

Let's do our part in saving these strays and report when we witness any animal abuse.

Source: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=260682&id=312804877843&fbid=481500277843

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips on Photography, Mouse's way!

There are so many so-called photographer got NO art. Only porn! All they want will be indecent sexual picture. There's a fine line between eroticism art & porn. This sorta guys will definitely lean towards the dirty side. No need to see what photography he can do. By the way he wrote & by his face, he is no photographer. All his picture are snapshots. If he is a photographer, than I am God! LOL Hell, and tried to cheapen every girls that he comes across? You can judge yourself. Below post is shared by my friend. Hope you all enjoy~

Tips on Photography: By buying a camera, no matter how expensive, you are just a camera owner. It DOES NOT make you a photographer! The camera DO NOT make the photographer. It can only TAKES the photos, but you are the one MAKING the photos... the art, if you have them.

1) Focusing ~ With an auto-focus camera, always depress the shutter button half-way & let the cam focus. You will see green hi-lighted box appearing in the view finder. The green box is the area where the cam is focusing. If the green box is not at the subject you want, most probably the image will be blur, out-of-focus. You can also check the sharpness on the view finder before pressing the button down all the way. If the view finder show a blur image, DO NOT press the button all the way. Release the button & depress it half-way again. Check again before shooting. Most people get blur image is cos of this, by not pressing the button half-way & check. Pushing the shutter button all the way down at 1 go is NOT the correct way of photography by auto camera!

2) Composition Focusing ~ Sometime when you want the main subject to be at the side of the frame, but the stupid auto cam refuse to focus at the side. In such case, the auto cam will focus at the center which most probably is the background & the main subject will be blur. What to do? No worry. The cam is stupid, but are you? Just shift the cam a little to put the main subject at the center of the frame, press & hold the shutter button half-way to let the cam focus on the main subject. When you see the main subject is sharp, shift the cam back to frame what you want to. The cam is stupid & you can trick it easily. =P

3) +/- Compensation For Light & Dark Background ~ To shoot against a very bright/back-lighted or white background, push +2 to compensate. To shoot against a dark or outdoor night background, push -2 to compensate. This way, the people or main subject in the pic won't be too dark(underexposed) or too white-out(overexposed).

4) Horizon ~ Always watch the horizon or the ground. Level it will the image or you will see a tilted pic. Best is to switch on the grid in the view finder of the camera. I'd seen so many tilted pics that I'm sick of them. For heaven sake, are you always drunk, groggy when shooting pics?

5) Background ~ Always, always watch the background of the subject you want to shoot. NOT noticing the background is forever the mistake of fools with camera! Imagine photographing a gorgeous girl & in sexcitement, you frame her with rubbish bins or a big dirty drain showing behind her?!? WTF? You just destroy a beauty! Move the subject if possible! If subject is not possible to move, MOVE YOURSELF! Move to find a better angle! Be flexible. If you are too fix, you will never be a photographer, not in a million years!

6) Angles ~ Almost everyone who have a camera tend to shoot it at eyes level. OMFG! What's wrong with your bloody brain?!? Robot? Take out cam, stand still, point with hand straight out & shoot? You called that photography?!? Certain subjects will appear better if you shoot it from a lower or higher angle. So, lower your cam or find a higher ground. Sigh... fat will still be fat, no help there, BUT many other subjects can appear better, nicer in photo by using the correct shooting angle. It's called 'optical illusion'. The camera lens DOES NOT operate or view the world like your eyes. What you see with your eyes might not be exactly what the camera will record. That's a mistake most people made. "I can see it, so my photo will turn out as according to what I saw" WRONG!

7) Night/Dark or Low Light Environment ~ How many times have you seen people taking pics at night or indoor/low-light condition without turning on their camera flash & without tripod? You wanna bet the pics will turns out good? In most cases, I will bet you my last dollar that the pics taken that way will be fuck-up lousy! Remember rule #6? What you see is not what you gets in the photo. Your eyes can adept to low light, but the camera has its limit. So, either you up the ISO/ASA known as film speed which most probably, you will gets grainy, blur pic or PLEASE, PLEASE turn on the bloody flash! If your flash is too small or the subject is too far, forgets it. In low light or night environment, try not to place the subject too far away, especially when you have a small flash. I always laughed whenever I see some idiot tries to photo a low-lite huge subject(might be a building or display) a hundred meters away at night. No flash in the world can do it! You need the sun. LOL!

8) Composition ~ How many times that you want a pic of a HUGE subject(a mall display, building, monument or landscape) & you want your friend(s) to be in the pic?... When you completed the shot, where is your friend in the pic? You mean that TINY speck is him/her?!? How the fuck to recognize whether that little dot in the photo is anything but just a dot?!? Idiot! Oh, be console that you are not the only idiot around. Many people make this stupid mistake. Please, for pete sake, MOVE your friend(s) AWAY from that HUGE thing & place them NEARER to you or rather, your camera. That means, first, frame the big subject you want in your cam. Then, place your friend(s) till you see them occupying about a quarter or a fifth of the frame. Full length or half-body portrait will be up to you to decide. STOP! DO NOT press the shutter button just yet. I know what mistake you are going to make... remember rule #2 above? Yeah... after all the arrangement & if you forgets about rule #2, all will be for nothing. So, after your placed the big X'mas tree & your friend(s) nicely in the frame, do rule #2 - means focus the cam on your friends, then shift the cam back to what you want to frame before fully pressing down the shutter button. There! If you did it correctly, what you will get is a pic with the big X'mas tree nicely in the background & your friends appearing recognizable with big smiling faces in the foreground.

P/S: Oh... in case if any1 ask why my language is so asshole fuck-up, tell them if they wanna be pamper by sweet words, go find their mommy to teach or pay for a photography course. LOL!

By: SiaoMouse Wong

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Make sure we don¹t put these items into our CNY basket!!!

This morning saw this protest e-mail. Guess all my fellow Malaysians need to be informed that unity we stand, divided we fall.

Make sure we don't put these items into our CNY basket!!! Pass the word around to other family members! I don't want these items as CNY gifts either!!!

Recently the MP for Titiwangsa Johari Bin Abdul Ghani has made it clear that he does not need the Chinese and Indians to win the Titiwangsa seat. He did a mathematical calculation that all he need is the 32,000 Malay voters and that is all. He made it very clear that the Chinese and Indians are a minority and they are nothing but Customers.

See here

Now who is this Ybhg Datuk Johari Bin Abdul Ghani? Well he is the Managing Director of CI Holdings Bhd the owners of Pemanis Sdn. Bhd. He came on the Board of this company on the 29th of November 2002. Well since are are nothing but mere Customers, and since he does not need the Chinese and the Indians, I suppose he also does not need our patronage on Pemanis Sdn Bhd products.

Pemanis products are as follows and you may be familiar with some of them:-









I trust you can spread this around and I suppose we know when we are not wanted and we also do not want their products.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Reasons Why Beer Is Better Than Women

From the guys' perspective...

- You can enjoy a beer all month long.
- You don't have to wine and dine beer.
- Beer is never late.
- Beer doesn't get jealous when you grab another beer.
- When you go to a bar, you know you can always pick up a beer.
- A beer won't get upset if you come home and have another beer.
- You can have more than one beer a night and not feel guilty.
- You always know you're the first one to pop a beer.
- Beer is always wet.
- Beer doesn't demand equality.
- You don't have to wash a beer before it tastes good.
- Beer doesn't have to get a new dress for a party.
- Beer never has a headache.
- Beer doesn't have a birthday for you to forget.
- Beer doesn't argue with you about when to drink it.