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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Adapt To Change For 2011

God father knows that the year of Tiger wasn't on my side and so he hopes that the up coming Rabbit year will be a better year for me. Thanks Frankie for the sharing. Hopefully it will help out even if it's only a little bit :D Sedikit-sedikit, lama-lama menjadi bukit ^_^

Change is the only constant. Expect change in 2011 as we adapt to embrace all challenges that come forth. Are you ready for it? Ask yourself this: What can you do better in 2011 than in 2010?

Take a look at the checklist below based on your Profile in BaZi (Chinese Astrology):

ProfileAsk YourselfWhat To Do
The Director:
Direct Wealth
  • Do I have a voice in my head that continuously judge myself and other people?

  • Am I impatient, controlling, opinionated and get defensive when criticized?
  • Learn to give up the need to be right all the time and to accept that things can go wrong.

  • Articulate your feelings better even if you feel uncomfortable about it.
The Pioneer:
Indirect Wealth
  • Do I have an extremely strong exterior that is intimidating to others and hides a less visible but vulnerable interior?

  • Am I demanding, have high expectations of myself and others, impatient and disdains weakness?
  • Learn not to approach the world as a battle ground.

  • Remember that seeking help from others to achieve something does not mean you are weak or incompetent.
The Diplomat:
Direct Officer
  • Do I automatically blend with other people's positive energy but get distressed when I'm around negative ones?

  • Am I indecisive, unassertive, prone to procrastination and be passive-aggressive when pressured?
  • Be vocal about your opinions as you do have real needs and wants instead of going along with others.

  • Accept that conflicts as an inevitable part of life and you can rise through it.
The Warrior:
Seven Killings
  • Do I always worry or engage in anticipatory planning in order to avoid negative possibilities?

  • Am I self-sacrificing, overly compliant/defiant, reactive and dislike ambiguity?
  • Stop making a habit of analyzing your fears when they crop up.

  • Take reasonable risks and pick your fights wisely.
The Friend:
  • Do I focus on others rather than on myself, and do I intuitively know what someone else's needs than my own?

  • Am I unaware of my own needs, have difficulty saying No and gets angry when unappreciated?
  • Develop a more balanced approach to difficult issues and manage your energy and stress levels.

  • Learn to support others but with limits, and that you don't have to please others all the time.
The Leader:
Rob Wealth
  • Do I give different impressions to different people and cannot manage my own changing impulses/feelings?

  • Am I argumentative, envious, stubborn, and always having the need to feel wanted and adored?
  • Discover what you really want instead of being fickle with your decisions.

  • Rely less on external adulation and focus on inspiring others.
The Artist:
Eating God
  • Do I constantly seek new and stimulating people, ideas or events to keep life exciting and moving forward?

  • Am I unfocused, impulsive, reactive to negative feedback and dislike routines?
  • Continue learning and evolving as knowledge is what helps you grow and develop.

  • Learn acceptance in life and that it is OK to negative feelings at times in order to change.
The Performer:
Hurting Officer
  • Do I do all the things I do so that others will value and respect me?

  • Am I overly competitive, abrupt, not always forthcoming and believes my image is my true self?
  • Respect your own emotions and care less about your reputation and image.

  • Remember to take a breather and talk to someone you trust when stressed.
The Analyzer:
Direct Resource
  • When I feel something very strongly, do I hold on to my emotions intensely and often replaying my thoughts, feelings and sensations?

  • Am I easily bored, self-conscious, moody and has difficulty accepting criticism?
  • Develop a way to manage your feelings that works for you.

  • Realize and accept that you can't understand everything.
The Philosopher:
Indirect Resource
  • When a situation gets emotional or intense, do I automatically disconnect from my feelings of the moment and then reconnect with it later at a time and place of my choice?

  • Am I detached, stubborn, unassertive and critical of others?
  • Be less individualistic and hang out with different kinds of people.

  • Think twice before you speak and show kindness towards others.

Print out for BaZi Profiling chart for free at: www.masteryacademy.com/BPS2011

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