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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips on Photography, Mouse's way!

There are so many so-called photographer got NO art. Only porn! All they want will be indecent sexual picture. There's a fine line between eroticism art & porn. This sorta guys will definitely lean towards the dirty side. No need to see what photography he can do. By the way he wrote & by his face, he is no photographer. All his picture are snapshots. If he is a photographer, than I am God! LOL Hell, and tried to cheapen every girls that he comes across? You can judge yourself. Below post is shared by my friend. Hope you all enjoy~

Tips on Photography: By buying a camera, no matter how expensive, you are just a camera owner. It DOES NOT make you a photographer! The camera DO NOT make the photographer. It can only TAKES the photos, but you are the one MAKING the photos... the art, if you have them.

1) Focusing ~ With an auto-focus camera, always depress the shutter button half-way & let the cam focus. You will see green hi-lighted box appearing in the view finder. The green box is the area where the cam is focusing. If the green box is not at the subject you want, most probably the image will be blur, out-of-focus. You can also check the sharpness on the view finder before pressing the button down all the way. If the view finder show a blur image, DO NOT press the button all the way. Release the button & depress it half-way again. Check again before shooting. Most people get blur image is cos of this, by not pressing the button half-way & check. Pushing the shutter button all the way down at 1 go is NOT the correct way of photography by auto camera!

2) Composition Focusing ~ Sometime when you want the main subject to be at the side of the frame, but the stupid auto cam refuse to focus at the side. In such case, the auto cam will focus at the center which most probably is the background & the main subject will be blur. What to do? No worry. The cam is stupid, but are you? Just shift the cam a little to put the main subject at the center of the frame, press & hold the shutter button half-way to let the cam focus on the main subject. When you see the main subject is sharp, shift the cam back to frame what you want to. The cam is stupid & you can trick it easily. =P

3) +/- Compensation For Light & Dark Background ~ To shoot against a very bright/back-lighted or white background, push +2 to compensate. To shoot against a dark or outdoor night background, push -2 to compensate. This way, the people or main subject in the pic won't be too dark(underexposed) or too white-out(overexposed).

4) Horizon ~ Always watch the horizon or the ground. Level it will the image or you will see a tilted pic. Best is to switch on the grid in the view finder of the camera. I'd seen so many tilted pics that I'm sick of them. For heaven sake, are you always drunk, groggy when shooting pics?

5) Background ~ Always, always watch the background of the subject you want to shoot. NOT noticing the background is forever the mistake of fools with camera! Imagine photographing a gorgeous girl & in sexcitement, you frame her with rubbish bins or a big dirty drain showing behind her?!? WTF? You just destroy a beauty! Move the subject if possible! If subject is not possible to move, MOVE YOURSELF! Move to find a better angle! Be flexible. If you are too fix, you will never be a photographer, not in a million years!

6) Angles ~ Almost everyone who have a camera tend to shoot it at eyes level. OMFG! What's wrong with your bloody brain?!? Robot? Take out cam, stand still, point with hand straight out & shoot? You called that photography?!? Certain subjects will appear better if you shoot it from a lower or higher angle. So, lower your cam or find a higher ground. Sigh... fat will still be fat, no help there, BUT many other subjects can appear better, nicer in photo by using the correct shooting angle. It's called 'optical illusion'. The camera lens DOES NOT operate or view the world like your eyes. What you see with your eyes might not be exactly what the camera will record. That's a mistake most people made. "I can see it, so my photo will turn out as according to what I saw" WRONG!

7) Night/Dark or Low Light Environment ~ How many times have you seen people taking pics at night or indoor/low-light condition without turning on their camera flash & without tripod? You wanna bet the pics will turns out good? In most cases, I will bet you my last dollar that the pics taken that way will be fuck-up lousy! Remember rule #6? What you see is not what you gets in the photo. Your eyes can adept to low light, but the camera has its limit. So, either you up the ISO/ASA known as film speed which most probably, you will gets grainy, blur pic or PLEASE, PLEASE turn on the bloody flash! If your flash is too small or the subject is too far, forgets it. In low light or night environment, try not to place the subject too far away, especially when you have a small flash. I always laughed whenever I see some idiot tries to photo a low-lite huge subject(might be a building or display) a hundred meters away at night. No flash in the world can do it! You need the sun. LOL!

8) Composition ~ How many times that you want a pic of a HUGE subject(a mall display, building, monument or landscape) & you want your friend(s) to be in the pic?... When you completed the shot, where is your friend in the pic? You mean that TINY speck is him/her?!? How the fuck to recognize whether that little dot in the photo is anything but just a dot?!? Idiot! Oh, be console that you are not the only idiot around. Many people make this stupid mistake. Please, for pete sake, MOVE your friend(s) AWAY from that HUGE thing & place them NEARER to you or rather, your camera. That means, first, frame the big subject you want in your cam. Then, place your friend(s) till you see them occupying about a quarter or a fifth of the frame. Full length or half-body portrait will be up to you to decide. STOP! DO NOT press the shutter button just yet. I know what mistake you are going to make... remember rule #2 above? Yeah... after all the arrangement & if you forgets about rule #2, all will be for nothing. So, after your placed the big X'mas tree & your friend(s) nicely in the frame, do rule #2 - means focus the cam on your friends, then shift the cam back to what you want to frame before fully pressing down the shutter button. There! If you did it correctly, what you will get is a pic with the big X'mas tree nicely in the background & your friends appearing recognizable with big smiling faces in the foreground.

P/S: Oh... in case if any1 ask why my language is so asshole fuck-up, tell them if they wanna be pamper by sweet words, go find their mommy to teach or pay for a photography course. LOL!

By: SiaoMouse Wong

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