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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Finalists

If you still remember about my previous petition to join the GREEN WAR you might wonder what really happen after that. During my recent trip to Singapore, I receive a love letter from them.

Hello Nath, its a big bummer that you are not one of the finalists, but anyway, can you help us to promote the news for Miss Earth Sabah 2012 Finalists and upcoming fringe event in your blog?. :)

Not sure if I should be happy or sad to receive such text. I actually have to give it a miss as my grandma was admitted that Sunday morning which is the last day for the walk-in audition. Aww, life goes on without me so let's check out those pretty finalists from the Land Below The Wind :D

12 Finalists for Miss Earth Sabah 2012

After seeing these lovely ladies, I'm kinna glad that I didn't embarrass my friend or myself to show the judges my FATS. Guess they will think I'm a joke to even think of joining this pageant =X

If you wanna Zumba with the finalists, here's a Green Charity Zumba Party for only RM25 coming 8th June 2012 @ Marina Club Tennis Court, Sutera Harbour Resort. Remember to wear GREEN!!! Besides that, there will be a NO PLASTIC BAG challenge among the finalists at Giant Hypermarket City Mall, on June 11, starting at 5:00pm.

See you @ this prestigious green journey. For more info you can log on to Miss Earth Sabah Official Facebook page.


Henry Tan said...

awwww. not one of the finalist already still need to help them promote. so sadddd.

Wabbit said...

Henry, just help since I feel bad for not joining LOL

Danny Foo said...

Fats in the right places is always good. :D

Wabbit said...

Danny, different people got different perspective on fats even @ any area LO

Diana said...

hey :) this zumba party Im going to get the ticket so do I need to wear dress? How's the event going to be?

Wabbit said...

Diana, I just saw your comment. Hope yesterday evening you had a great time wearing green