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Friday, July 6, 2012

Keep your drama to yourself!

Recently there's a sicko is trying to be funny with me. I can only say that Miss Drama Queen is not interested to know your problem with other bloggers so keep it to yourself. If you ever try to step on my tail, be careful because this Wabbit bites GGRR...

I come in peace, pissed me off and I'll bite you into pieces

Note to self: "Stop letting people who do so little for you control so much of your mind, feelings and emotions" - Will Smith


Ken Wooi said...

Don't let the unnecessary bother you :)

Wabbit said...

Yes Ken. No more publicity to stir fire. End this ASAP lol

crazywrazy ッ™ said...

Nathalie Luther / Singing Coconut,

You should learn how to MYOB. Thanks for the kind publication.

Ken Wooi, the oh-so-famous blogger,

I think you need to learn MYOB. Because you are next.

Wabbit said...

for the second time you're insulting my family by calling my full name wrongly again, LOSER!

You're a total no life keyboard warrior. Seriously, get a life! I'm so sorry that I forgotten your life is only about print screen and defame other bloggers.

I don't see which part did Ken offended you. Why so serious Mr. Over Sensitive? Unhappy because you're not getting enough attention?

P/S: MYOB, bitch as much as you like @ your blog because nobody wants to be in your drama series

crazywrazy ッ™ said...

Thanks for participating. Again, whoever who eat chili will feel spicy. You are one bad monkey. Keyboard warrior? Not as efficient as you I am afraid.

Total no life keyboard warrior? You referring to yourself? Looks who's replying comments now?

Get a life? You teaching me what to do in life? Why not you get your own life and do what you should do in your life.

Print screen and defame other bloggers? Looks who's talking? You initiated first. Hence you created problem. Defame bloggers? Maybe you are the one.

LOL! Why should I get attention from people? Perhaps you are the one who seeking attention from your virtual friends? Oh Mrs Extreme Sensitive, why so free to reply to my comment? Too happy because you are getting too much attention?

Looks who's the bitch who has been bitching about people around her? Well, when you responded to my comments, you are seriously wanting to be in my drama series.

My blog, my problem. Is it yours? Didn't know you are such a busy body?

Keep commenting. I am so going to illustrate how wonderful person you are to your fans out there.