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Monday, October 8, 2012

Ms. Queen of Clubs

Do you love to party and know new friends? Can your name make anything turn to gold? Does your personality shine brighter than the sun? Do you hate the boring regulations and requirements as used by many other beauty pageants? Do you have the personality and charm but have disadvantage on height or size? Are you female Malaysian by birth, 18 -35 years old and non-Muslim?

Worry no more as Ms. Queen of Clubs is here to find and groom an Asian icon, to build a character in the likes of Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and many others who have shot to stardom through through very effective and ingénues marketing and promoting Malaysia's ultimate socialite.

If you sexy ladies think you got what it takes to be a DIVA with your talent, below are the prizes await for you:-

Club Level
Winner - RM2000 + sash + trophy
1st Runner-Up - RM1000 + sash + trophy
2nd Runner-Up - RM500 + sash + trophy

State Level
Winner - RM3000 + sash + trophy
1st Runner-Up - RM2000 + sash + trophy
2nd Runner-Up - RM1000 + sash + trophy

Winner - RM5000 + sash + trophy
1st Runner-Up - RM3000 + sash + trophy
2nd Runner-Up - RM2000 + sash + trophy

*Plus subsidiary awards for all levels such as Ms. Photogenic, Ms. Audience Favourite and more!!

Currently on the running for Sabah Club selections

See you @ this bubbly fun journey. For more info you can log on to Ms. Queen of Clubs Facebook page.

Registration for Penang is currently open and Sabah had just done with 2 heats round. Next Wednesday will be the semi-final club level. Guys might run away knowing that I am one of the semi-finalist @ The BED for the sake of friendship =.= You can search for my fats in the page as I won't be showing them over here :p

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Henry Tan said...

wow you got participate? all the best! =DDD

Wabbit said...

I'm actually one of the semi-finalist >.<

Vibrant Kitty said...

Good luck in the competition.

Wabbit said...

thanks Vibrant Kitty ^_^