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Friday, September 5, 2008

CGF mini Gathering, Hang out/chitchat, Club

Hey Hey Hey, sorry for the short notice but I want to have sometimes with some of my friends before I move over to Singapore next Friday, class starts end of the month :)
Can't wait to be a student again ROAR

Below are some activities I planned to have with few of my friends before I say TATA to Sabah, my beloved hometown...

GFC Mini Gathering
Value: CarcaSean Cafe, City Mall
Date: 10th September 2008
Time: 7pm - 9pm
Invited: GFC members, Gary fans, music fans
Sponsor: AA, sendiri sendiri la ;p
Note to remember: Get your GFC T-Shirt

Hang out/chitchat with BLue
Value: CarcaSean Cafe, City Mall
Date: 10th September 2008
Time: 7pm - 11pm
Invited: Sabahan Bloggers, personal friendster
Sponsor: AA, sorry last minute no barget
Note to remember: Bring your camera ROAR

Club and Birthday countdown
Value: DBL0, Singapore
Date:12th September 2008
Time: 9pm - after midnight
Invited: nuffnang bloggers, facebook buddies
Sponsor: Drinks on me but won't be a lot ;p
Note to remember: No gift please, ANG PAO come :)

My beloved friends, do not bring any gift for me. But you seriously need to bring me stuff, kindly check my wish list or ask what I need that you can afford under your barget :)

Why I choose...

CarceSean Cafe cause I always wanted to visit this 1st German-style board game cafe in KK. Well, actually suppose to bring my ex for his next return on May/June which we didn't make it that far.

DBL0 cause it's the first club house I visited in Singapore with YingLing and I seriously love the pub, dance floor and smoking room =X

Do drop down comment or msn me by telling me if you're coming or not specially to my Singapore friends. I need to barget myself for that night XD


maslight said...

I'll get back to u on this, do I need to RSVP? Maybe I can go after break fast.

Edgar said...

carcasean? 10th? sure.. will be there..

BLue said...

Mas, you can come anytime after 7pm ;)

Edgar, thanks for coming. See you there~

Edgar said...

did u try ask sean if he's open? coz it was closed on saturday last week.

CCPereira said...

Yo i'll pop by around 8 ish!!

BLue said...

Edgar, someone's wedding that day.

Chris, see you ;)

Gallivanter said...

Wish I could join you...have a great time, and hopefully see you in KL for the tentative East Malaysian Bloggers Meet... :-)


BLue said...

Daniel, see you @ KL ;)

Chucky said...

Whoops, only saw your message tonight *hits head on table*

Hope you had an enjoyable gathering, and good luck on your studieessss

BLue said...

Chucky, thanks~ It was fun for me, not sure about others la ;p

JACQ said...

Sorry we couldn't make it to your gathering BLue.. have a safe flight to Singapore! Keep in touch!