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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Song Hye Kyo in singapore!!

The crews of the much anticipated television drama "The World They Live In" have set off for Singapore filming on the 1st of September. Actually they have just reached like 4hrs ago. In anticipation of the hot weather in Singapore, Song Hye Kyo bought sunblocks for the crews who will be going (coming) to Singapore. What a sweet and considerate lady!

A representative from Song Hye Kyo's agency expressed, "Song Hye Kyo has bought sunblocks using her money for the production crews who have been filming under the scorching sun, especially when the crews only used hat and mask to protect themselves against the intense sunlight".

The crews will be in Singapore for filming from the 1st to the 12th of September. Hehe anyone knows which hotel they are staying at? Their schedule for the next few days or the places they will be filming? I have neither of these details by the way. So fans please share if you have them! Not that I will be stalking them or something… but probably only "visit" them if possible.

Got this e-mail on the 2nd but only manage to post it up today. Check hanfever for more information.