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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Looking For Models - Free Treatment

Hi there, we are now open for Mani & Pedi treatment this week.  If you are keen to be our model, feel free to call or sms 9647 5626 to arrange for an appt for the free session(s). (Mon–Fri 10am-7pm ) .


Venue: Strip Cathay, 2 Handy Road The Cathay, #02-10

Before you make an appointment with us, do take note of the following:

- Please be punctual for your appointment (due to limited time allocated, the treatment might not be completed if the models arrive later than the starting time.)

- NO CANCELLATION is allowed, unless you really can't make it for the session. If so, please find yourself a replacement and make sure the replacement will attend the session without any delay. You will not be able to change the appt once it is fixed.

12 Nov, Wednesday

11am-12.40pm – Mani & Pedi

1pm- 1:40pm – Mani

2pm – 2.40pm – Mani model

4pm-5.40pm – Mani & Pedi

5.50pm – 7.30pm – Mani & pedi

7.40pm – 8.40pm – Pedi


13 Nov, Thursday

11am – 12.40pm – Mani & Pedi model

4pm – 5pm – Pedi model

5.20pm – 7pm – Mani & Pedi model

7.10pm – 8.10pm – Pedi model


14Nov, Friday

11am – 11.40am – Mani model

11.50am – 1.30pm – Mani & Pedi model

1.40pm – 3.10pm – Mani & Pedi Model

4.30pm – 5.10pm – Mani & Pedi model

5.10pm – 6.10pm – Pedi model



Pei Pei

Strip School

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