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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Meaning of Life...

Remember, if you made a mistake, you simply need to press Ctrl-Z for undo and the software will undo the previous error made" I think we all know this for sure, but have we ever think that "why can't life be as easy as the way it seems to be?"
Everyday, we are fed with enough frustration and stress to keep us thinking "life sucks isn't it?" So have we ever taken a step backwards or even slow down just to realize that there is obviously a better way to live?

Life is the most complex thing that you will ever come across. From creation to end, from existence to extinction. There's no explanation yet and there shall be none even till the day that your life ends. As far as we all know life is mystical, we still can't understand a single bit of it. We are taught things and remembering them and in return teach others and the cycle goes on and on.

Life is made up of memory, that only people who have memories have a life… Sometimes you remember the sad times that made you cried your heart out once, the happy times that you will still smile as you refresh.Life is made up of experience, you learn about one thing, being shown and taught and you will remember it for a long long time. Though how much we want to remove our past unpleasant experience, we can't, as it is already a part of Life.
Life is made up of feelings. You cry when you are sad, you fear when you're alone. You're relieved when everything's over.
Life is made up of caring and sharing with others. Admit it, helping others makes your day no matter how tired you are. Even a simple a pat on the back of a tired man can stir enough energy to last him to finish his task.

Life is made up of Love. "People who lived without loving is never considered to have lived before" Love is the affectionate feelings developed between mutual parties through time, experience and memories unifies in one. Life is You. Though there's no spiritual prove, You are in control of your life. You can end it anytime, prolong it anytime, enjoy it anytime and love it anytime.
If the day comes when you realize that you want to end your life once and for all due to some unhappy memories, unpleasant experience. Read this passage and think one more time from the beginning before you made any mistake. Tell yourself that ending a life is something cannot be retrieve by simply keying Ctrl-Z. Won't it be better that you live through all the bad times and show others how good you are when the time comes for you to give advise?

"Though life sucks, living a rotten life leads to a fulfilling future, not because you lived through it, but you've overcome it…


wenQ said...

well written! and so true in your words.

Doria Abdullah said...

Thanks for the post.
As silly as it sounds, I'd always relate life with comp stuff..

Life getting real slow? Hard disc prob. Or RAM prob.
Not feeling well? Too much virus in hard disc.

Anything else ah? =P

Yi Ling said...

life is great la! whee. haha. it's actually all about perception :D :D

Johnny Ong said...

the last statement said it all .... in a way, failing forward