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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top Up Of EZ-Link Cards At DBS And POSB ATMs

We are pleased to announce that DBS and EZ-Link Pte Ltd (EZL) have introduced a new ATM service at DBS and POSB ATMs – Top Up of ez-link cards. What's more, the ez-link top up service will be available to the recently announced new (replacement) ez-link cards as well. We are also proud to inform that we are the first bank in Singapore to offer this service.

We will be piloting the service at 31 ATMs from 16 Jan 2009 onwards and will gradually roll out to over 900 DBS and POSB ATMs by end June 2009. (Please refer to Appendix 1 for the pilot ATM sites)

With it, DBS will be bringing greater convenience to the majority of commuters who are also our customers. We are also offering the service free of charge.

You may refer to attachment 2 for the ATM screen flow for this service.

Agnes Ang
CBG Business Operations
on behalf of Robin Yap
CBG Deposit Sys & Payment Scvs

Working Together Towards Service Excellence

1 comment:

Yi Ling said...

LOL. the next thing you see is people complaining about the long queues =.=