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Friday, February 20, 2009

Do you know how to park well? Shame on you!!!

If you remember my previous post on the carpark bully in Singapore, check this out. I found it from Rainer Yong's blog. So what if you drive a TOYOTA? To me this is one


How I ask can you messed something like this up. I hope you are blind so I'd excuse you. But if you are not. You must be the stupidest, inconsiderate, ass hole of the century to take up two handicap parking space!!! Ladies and gentleman car number is WPK6393

This is my comment in his post:-
Itu memang kurang ajar! Bapa Mama tidak ajar dia untuk menjadi prihatin terhadap orang-orang kurang upaya. Bikin malu saja!

Which also means MLM (no manner)! His/her parents never teach him/her to be more considerate on handicap. Shame on him/her!

Don't you think this is
the funniest joke of the year???


Kellaw said...

for all you know, he/she might be handicapped la

BLue said...

Hello, handicap driver are given handicap sign. and the space is big enough for the person to park and come out with his/her wheel chair

Rainer Yong said...

kellaw : If he/she IS handicapped. that makes the person a bigger dumb ass for not taking into consideration that other handicaps need the parking spot as well.

Ashley Two Fish said...

this is just a pure idiot in highest form

Yi Ling said...

wth. genius. pure genius. *rolls eyes*

Zeeman said...

Yeah...these drivers drive me bonkers when I try to drive to a packed mall with my kids and I CAN'T park because of these dumbass inconsiderate drivers....or parkers!

Drunk? Holding their pee? What's the reason?

Damn parkers! (if you shout that out, it could sound like you're cussing)