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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Very Ugly Suzuki Swift Driver....

Female carpark bully:
If I can 'chope' seat with tissue,
I can 'chope' parking lot 

STOMPer Sadpanda wanted to reverse into an available lot at VivoCity's carpark, but was stunned to find a woman standing in the middle of it.

He signalled to tell her he was reversing, but was shocked to be told that the lot was reserved for her husband.

John tells STOMP:

"Yesterday (Dec 14), I arrived at the VivoCity's carpark just before 7pm and found a nice lot near the lift lobby. I wanted to reverse in but there was this woman standing in the lot.

"She appeared to be texting someone on her phone so I signalled my intention to reverse into the lot and even lowered my window to let her know I was coming in.

"She told me to park elsewhere as she was 'chope-ing' the lot for her husband who was on his way.

"Dumbfounded, I told her, "You can't do that".

"First come first serve. She told me off and said she can.

"Her justification to me was that, "If I can chope seat in a foodcourt with a tissue packet, I can chope a parking lot."

"Moments later, her husband finally arrived in his blue Suzuki swift.

"As I was in a half-parked position since his wife was standing in the lot, he stopped in the middle of the driveway, came out of the car, took stock of the situation and waved me along, asking me to find another lot since his wife came first.

"I said "No way! How can anyone do this? And get away with it?" To which he even dared to say, "Surely you have seen people do this before?"

"I told him that they were being unreasonable. He denied being so and said instead that I was the one being unreasonable. He accused ME of being "kiasu" and should instead go look for another lot. We argued for a few minutes, passers-by came and went and eventually cars started to pile up behind and were honking.

"Cursing my own damn luck to meet this couple, I swallowed my pride and moved off so as not to obstruct traffic. I did find a lot after I moved off and gladly parked in it.

"As I walked to the lobby, I caught sight of the couple and went towards them, demanding an apology. They shoo-ed me off and warned me of harassing them, even threatening to call the police. I told them they epitomised the true blue ugly Singaporean to which he answered, "Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Singaporean".

"Obviously a crowd of curious shoppers took notice. He showed me the middle finger and shouted vulgarities at me.

"How can people get away with such thing? Have we lost total decency and decorum?"

Do you think it is all right for people to reserve lots this way? Tell us.


Harmony said...

Yeah. Fucked up Singaporeans man.

Anonymous said...

read the post properly..

"Sorry to disappoint you but I'm not Singaporean".