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Thursday, January 8, 2009

This weekend, are your friends are going?

Got this e-mail again and again. Since I'm not going, just feel like sharing with you all the next happening you can find in Malaysia :)

Are your friends going to YOUTH'09 this weekend?

youth09 ---> (updated)

I think your friends might be going... we counted altogether 15,800+ youths have already gotten their YOUTH'09 pass! (Which means they're going to be part of over 100 exciting activities. See the schedule we've added more than 15 new updates!) There's definitely going to be a lot of old and new friends to meet.

Join us this exciting weekend to start 2009 in a fun way! Entrance is free!

For more information, visit youth09
See you there?

YOUTH'09 Team
YOUTH'09 is Malaysia's Largest Youth Lifestyle Festival, with 100 exciting youth activities happening across 3 days, from 9th to 11th January 2009 at PTWC.

P.S ---- I've attached the event flyer in this email, forward it to your friends if you can - we need to make sure no one misses out on this wonderful weekend?

P.P.S --- If you are already going to YOUTH'09 - see what other YOUTH'09 volunteers are doing...

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