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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sinkapore or Sinka pore?

Less than an hour ago I got this irritating e-mail.

Whatever Lah { Just Talk Lah } Pull out a chair, order some kopi, scratch your armpit – Let's Talk! @#$%^&*()
Singapore's Newly Launched Online Community. Come join us and have fun today!
Note: Now that you've read this message, you need to foward it to at least 5 people in your contacts. This email message will be tracked, and if you choose to ignore or delete it, the Singapore Government will come hard after you!

What say you? Who you think you are? To my fellow friends and readers in Singapore, PLEASE DO NOT JOIN THIS COMMUNITY, I strongly discourage by the way they promoted it.

P/S: Do not ever use Singapore Goverment to threaten me for you 'fun' online community, I will report this up to who it may concern if you try to mess up with my already miserable life in Singapore.


Yi Ling said...

they are just losers. not worth your time.

sinkapore.com said...


Singapore's Typical Community