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Monday, November 16, 2009


Having yourself standing above cars, river and a street of people. How do you feel? Imagine that! Now there's more reason for me to visit Germany ^_^


~XiAnG~ said...

it looks damn cool weyy...but I somehow worry if i'm the people walk under it...haha

Spectre said...

wo that one awesome mono rail ! wonder if ran out of power. anyway enjoy vacation nath see u soon in innit,FB ,twitter

wen pink said...

wow this is cool! i didnt know they have this.. gosh i am so outdated.

BLue said...

Xiang, no need to worry la :p

Spectre, see you soon~

Wen Pink, you're not outdated and this is why I want to share this info :)

Tony Wan said...

That's what we called ENGINEERING lah! lol