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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Milk Shake VS Zouk Out

I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night! Not going to ZOUKOUT? Get tired of clubbing every weekend. Want to have some party and get to know new friends. Well, tell you the good news as tonight I'm gonna enjoy my free party with a huge numbers of friends!

WhosGoing.sg Signature Free Entry

RSVP to rsvp@whosgoing.sg with your name, nric, date of birth, mobile and number of guests (with a maximum of 3 guests excluding yourself).

Alternatively, you can print out our free-entry flyer and present it at the door. Click here for the printout

Gents: Free entry from 9pm - 10.30pm with RSVP or Printout
Ladies: Free entry all night with RSVP or Printout

Free Flow for the Ladies
Do not miss this! There will be a free flow of housepours for the ladies from 9 - 11pm!

Drink Promotions
- 1-for-1 on jugs all night long
- Smirnoff Red @ $150nett
- Hennessey @ $188nett
- Belvedere @ $188nett
- Moet & Chandon 100 @ $128nett

Priority entry for all ambassadors
Mention your Whosgoing.sg ID at the door to gain access to the Le Chambre Privee room for an ambassador gathering.
50% off purchases on loose house pour drinks (excluding jugs and bottles) at the Le Chambre Privee bar.

Those who wish to join the Ambassador team, please contact budiyan@whosgoing.sg with your name, nric, Whosgoing.sg ID and mobile to gain access to the Le Chambre Privee ambassador room.
(We regret that only selected applicants will be notified by email after the event)

Odeon Towers, 331 North Bridge Road, 6334 4080. Click here for map

RSVP to rsvp@whosgoing.sg with your particulars


Print out the free-entry flyer


You can download the PRINTOUT onto your mobile and show it at the door

Visit the Milk Shake event page on WhosGoing.sg

Add the WhosGoing.sg Fanpage on Facebook

Follow us on twitter for real-time updates

More about Supperclub

Google Maps


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