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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Story of First Love

For those who know me personally, they will know where to find my story. Today I feel like sharing a story I found in the website. I never get to know this person but I felt her story touched me. This is a story of Lin...

My first love.

A year and a half back.
He was my first love. First boyfriend.

My first kiss.
the first guy I held hands with.
The first guy I hugged.

I'm very conservative then.

It lasted a year and one month. It has been 2 months since the day we broke up. I'm still trying to get over it, let go and move on.

Its friggin' tough.

In the process, I got kinda lost.

'What once was, is now gone.'

But all these only form a chapter of my life. its time to move on and start a new chapter.
Yes, I know i HAVE to.





Currently, I just want to blog this last post about the end of my 1 year plus relationship with my boyfriend(ex). I need closure and I guess the best way is to voice out my feelings.

I dare to say that deciding to let go of him is the hardest decision I've ever made. I've decided to set him free because love is not about bounding someone.

I struggled between begging him not to give up on me; for he promised to support me through my darkest time. Yet, I finally let go of him.

I may be nonchalant and boasting about the freedom and fun I'm going to get from singlehood. But deep down, there's this heart that is forsaken and bleeding.


Now that I'm single, I have all the guys I need now. But seriously, my heart's not there.


No more 'dear' to call.
No more 'my special someone'.
No more 'dear, i love you'.
No more 'dear, i miss you'.
No more comforting hugs.
No more sweet nothings.
No more cushion to fall back on.


And I hope he takes my words of wisdom.

When you love someone, live for the moment and don't give yourself a limit for giving love. If you truly love, you won't hold back. Love can only take you so far. AFTER that, it becomes commitment to love, to give above and beyond yourself. Its not about 'I', it's about 'we'.


I learnt a valuable lesson in love. As much as you love someone, you may not be able to live with the baggage they bring. And they cant leave it behind because it contain the sum of their being.

and thats the end of the journey with my first love.


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