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Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Daily Feed Issue #6: The secret of SEO, revealed!

I'll be away until Sunday. Since I'm free at the airport, I'll advance post up some interesting sharing. Will be up whole week :D Hope it helps you in gaining the traffic you always wanted ;)

Welcome to Issue #6 of The Daily Feed. If this email was forwarded to you by a friend, you can subscribe on this page.

We're continuing SEO week today with a new approach to thinking about SEO and getting visitors from search engines. Yesterday we chatted about how many visitors you can expect, the level of difficulty and how long it takes. We also covered avoiding snake oil salesmen, that this isn't brain surgery and that you can do it too!

In this issue I'm going to introduce a philosophy that you can use to get Google and other search engines to send a constant stream of targeted visitors to your blog or website.

Google wants to send you visitors and they need your help to do it. They are in the business of helping web surfers find answers to their questions. If your page has the answers and Google isn't sending people to it, they're not doing their job!

You can take one of two approaches to SEO: You can view SEO as tricking search engines into sending you traffic, or you can try to help search engines do their job better.

If you choose to trick or control what they do, you're going to have to gain a deep understanding of the algorithms they use, keep up to date on how they change - and you're going to be up against some of the smartest computer scientists in the world. If you're crazy enough to take this approach I've included links to Google's original PageRank algorithm and the Hilltop algorithm's paper to get you started. You should also be warned that if you're discovered you'll be black-listed and will have to start over on a new website.

For the rest of you sane folks, I'm going to give you a broad strategy that will get you search engine traffic and help you keep it.

Here is the secret to getting a constant stream of visitors to your site from Google or any other search engine:

"Create new, unique and useful web pages, host them on a user-friendly website that Google can understand and make sure the right people know about them."

I'm going to break this sentence down into parts and we're going to focus on each of these parts for the rest of the week. Here it is again, with each important part color coded and underlined:

"Create new, unique and useful web pages, host them on a user-friendly website that Google can understand and make sure the right people know about them."

If you stop reading now and never read another issue of The Daily Feed and you follow the above sentence exactly, you will succeed at SEO. If you don't succeed, come and ask me why and I'll explain to you which of the underlined items in the above sentence you neglected to do.

Think my 151 character SEO philosophy is too simple? It contains every major element that the best SEO's in the world use. I've used this approach myself, seen it used to great effect by successful friends. Even employees like Matt Cutts recommend this approach. [In fact part of that sentence is taken from something Matt once said.]

Tomorrow we'll dive into some of the specifics in the philosophy I've outlined above. This issue of TDF is brought to you by Feedjit Advanced and Feedjit Pro, the world's most popular real-time analytics tool. Send your feedback and suggestions for future issues to support@feedjit.com.

By the way I'd like to thank everyone who has emailed us with thank you notes, comments and suggestions. I've been terribly remiss in not replying to you yet, but you should know that we read every one of your emails and they mean the world to us. Thanks very much and keep the suggestions coming.

Mark Maunder
Feedjit Founder & CEO

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