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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Exposed all his 7 accounts

Just not long ago I share a very interesting case in Innit. You might wanna check my previous post here. Previously he used 5 accounts to danged few of the featured post in the morning. Guess what?

I was so wrong, he actually got 7 accounts! Even by ignoring his other accounts, it's obvious that jau90, jauzi90 and pet grass by the same person. Why would jauzi90 keep posting about cat eating grass in the first place??? Not to forget,

He attacked with all his accounts!!!

Speaking of desperado, he shown to us his true color and the accounts he's been using!!! Wait, there might be more accounts that is not exposed yet =X

Note to Nuffies, kindly check if these accounts are under the same IP address. I will not argue and hands off if it's done by a group of dangers but if it's done by 1 selfish blogger, I hope you all will do something about it. From what I know a blogger is not even allowed to create 1 Malaysia account together with 1 Singapore account in the first place.

Cheers to rest of the bloggers~


FionaChan said...

OMG he dang until you have negative nangs wtf and you had so many nangs before he came. Go email Nuffnang.

Mr.Clive said...

and the game begins!LOL XD

toninkush said...

haha you have to learn how to not take nangs and dangs to seriously. there will be lifeless dangers once in a while on innit

Nath said...

Fiona, let him dang la. As if I care about Dangs. Nuffnang is not the only platform for me to generate my unique views.

Pet Grass, I thought you're always playing in your own little world? Been stuck in your rat race for too long? Poor guy...

Tonikush, you're talking about me? LOL Seems like my old nick is well forgotten LOL I have no issues with nangs and dangs till someone misused that right as Nuffnang blogger towards people I know.

ㄨ ЌέЛŦ ㄨ said...

So funny miserable guy, thinking innit is the only place for people?

h s i n said...

ohmygod did he really do this? such a shame. need to work SOOOOOO hard to get nangs. we dont need em at all :) happy blogging girl!

Nath said...

Kent, LOL no comment

hsin, ahahaha totally agree!

Kian Fai Koh said...

sometimes there is some specific people, whos too free la.

Very Very FREE and keep on farming on blogsphere XD

Nath said...

KKF, you're talking about me? Cause now I really too free counting bricks @ home zzzz