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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What aSHAME! Dang others to self-Nang!

Came across Featured Posts in Innit was ranked down and replaced by a new post. Guess what I found out when I click to view them

bluedianthus: One of the few featured post got Danged

Jauzi90: Same Dangers Nang this post

Most fishy about the last 5 posts, all about cat eating grass. WTF with those posts?!?

You judge yourself and let me know what do you think about it, I can only say

GET A LIFE Loser!!!


InviAlgo said...

wow. daring but so true

~Tinkerstar@shine~ said...

waa...what a shame...wanna get to upper place..they just did whatever they can..

Katherine said...

what a sore loser those people are.. good post.. I'll nang yours! =D

Nath said...

Invialgo, if I never noticed/say there might be someone else noticed. Just sooner or later

Tinkerstar@shine, ya lo :(

Katherine, thanks for your support

Mr.Clive said...

hi Nat!
anyway,if i say i kenot brain ken ka?
explain plis...huhu XD

Nath said...

get a life, as if any1 knows what the hell you're typing zzzz