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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Avril Lavigne's Malaysia Concert Is Back On, Singer Says -- 'Too Sexy' Or Not

So far I only noticed one person in innit saying the concert is back on on the 21st. That person is fast but sorry, hard to track you. Another also post in innit during 22nd and managed in top10 innit. I'll let the AV's fans find who are you ok? But others still keep on complaining until last night. Saw this link in msn first thing when I woke up, it's given to me by a friend last night. So SHUT UP if you didn't update yourself with the latest news _I_

Despite reports in recent days that Avril Lavigne's concert in Malaysia had been blocked because of government fears that the singer's image is "too sexy" — and subsequent reports that it had either been canceled or postponed because it could mar the country's independence day celebrations — the singer told MTV News on Thursday (August 21) that it's going ahead.

"Well, I've actually been approved by the government to play a show," she said. "I've already sold 10,000 tickets there, so I will be going to put on a concert for the fans.

"They tend to, you know, sometimes not want Western artists in their country," she continued. "I respect that, but at the same time, you know, there's people that listen to music there and want to see their idols and stuff, so it's all good: been approved by the government and [I'm] going to go put on a show and have fun."

Malaysia's Islamic opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, had been trying to cancel or postpone a Lavigne show scheduled for the country's capital on August 29 saying her moves and stage show were "too sexy." The party took offense with the pop singer taking the stage and possibly promoting the wrong values just days ahead of the country's independence day on August 31.

The flap over the Lavigne show wasn't the first time the country's officials had looked negatively at a show by a Western female pop singer. In the past, they forced Gwen Stefani to cover up her world-famous belly, drove Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera to neighboring shores to avoid a hassle and rang up several thousand dollars in fines against a Pussycat Dolls concert in 2006 for flouting decency rules.

All along, the promoter of the Lavigne concert, Galaxy Productions, had said that the show would not have any "negative elements." Malaysia requires performers to be covered from chest to knees and avoid clothes that feature obscene or drug-related images, as well as eschewing any jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing onstage.

By Gil Kaufman, with reporting by Yasmine Richard Aug 21 2008 2:19 PM EDT

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Harry said...

sigh.. msia government sux la.. this cannot that cannot..

then how can the country improve..

i dont see western country to have so many raping case there also.. compared to msian's size and population.. the report was just overwhelming..

i guess.. sometimes curiousity kills a gal..

ta~ haha..

xniquet said...

i am never been much of a Avril listener but i am definitely not a fan of the Malaysian Government.So whether the show is on or not, i still think the Malaysian Government is run by a bunch of mindless monkeys.

~LeNgZai~ said...

I don't see why they claim Avril to be too "sexy" for Malaysia. She does not wear any outlandish clothes and stuff. Malaysians should have their say


blue_racoon said...

hey, i think you were referring to my post that the concert's on again. My link is http://rnb-of-life.blogspot.com/2008/08/avril-lavigne-concert-cancelled.html

Haha...i'm not exactly a fan of hers but since everyone still wants to talk about her concert being cancelled and all that, I just let it them lah :p

Just Jasmine said...

Good to know tht Avril is going to perform in Malaysia :D

BLue said...

Harry, not kill the kitten me? LOL that was according to my ex ;p

Xniquet, I don't give a damn as well LOL

Lengzai, she's more rude than sexy

Racoon, yupp. will link you tomorrow night if I still remember about it XD

Jas, don't care. Not going also ROFL