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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

An extra-exuberant Merdeka celebration

MAS is promoting Borneo this Merdeka celebration, as a Sabah Mui how can I don't feel on top of the world? Thanks to Malaysia Airlines and below are the e-mail I got from them.

Happy Merdeka!

Malaysia is 51 years young! Let's have a really lively Merdeka celebration by plunging headlong into the many exciting adventures she has to offer.

Adventures? Oh yes - Malaysia has plenty of world-class attractions that cater for every type of adventurer:

Explore some of the world's largest cave systems
Dive and snorkel among some of the best-preserved coral reefs in the world
Have a white-knuckle ride white-water rafting down roaring rapids
Trek through thick rainforests teeming with exotic life
Rock-climb up some of the country's most unforgiving rock faces

Enjoy all these and more, all in vibrant Malaysia. Whichever you prefer, EVERYDAY Low Fares will fly you there at low, low fares and with 5-Star service.

Here are a few more specific recommendations to start you off.

Mount Kinabalu, Sabah
Conquer South-East Asia’s 4th-highest mountain
Panoramic views and a spectacular sunrise await you at the summit

Sipadan Island, Sabah
Dive and snorkel among beautiful corals in one of the world’s best dive spots.
Spot the island’s 47 species of birds and unique coconut crabs

Gunung Mulu National Park, Sarawak
Discover a rich diversity of flora and fauna in Sarawak’s largest national park
Explore over 200km of cave passages and see the world’s largest natural chamber (Sarawak Chamber)


Johnny Ong said...

nature wise both sabah and sarawak really have a lot to offer

nicky said...

One of the most heavily promoted parks on Sarawak, Gunung Mulu National Park is justifiably popular.Mulu’s concentration of caves, spectacular scenery and biological significance, ensured its listing as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in November 2000. This in turn has created renewed interest in the park and a genuine desire to ensure it is adequately protected.

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