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Friday, October 3, 2008

Ice-Skating @ Leisure Park Kallang

Nikita and her friends are going to Leisure Park Kallang for an ice skating session. I've invited some of my classmates/new friends and some Nuffnang bloggers to join me as well.

Want to have a fun time ice skate/chit chat session with us?

Meet up: Kallang MRT station
Date: 4th October 2008
Time: 2:30pm (latest 3pm sharp)
Bring along: friends, $20 and glove if possible

There's a
free shuttle bus service from Kallang MRT station to Leisure Park Kallang.

I don't know how to ice-skate, how?
Don't worry, BLue here is an ice-skate virgin as well XD If you don't feel like joinning in you can always stay and chit chat with me ^_^

P/S: For late comers who came to the MRT station after 3pm (when I'm gone), do ask around how to get to Leisure Park Kallang ;p


Tiuniasing said...

Ice-skating must wear short short one because a lot of leg-lifting actions. :D

Just Jasmine said...

Oh Daddy influencing the guai lui to wear short short, lolx.

Spectre said...

yes ! follow TNS advise XD

BLue said...

I will wear shorts and post it up, happy? ;p

Tiuniasing said...

Very happy.