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Thursday, December 11, 2008

ESPRIT 40% off regular-priced items

Hey, I got 2 coupons from Nikita. It’s a 40% off regular-priced items for ESPRIT. And I’m giving them out to you~

How to win these vouchers?

Comment why ESPRIT is the brand for your family + friends clothing in the next 24 hours. 2 best comments will receive these coupons from me. I will pass them to you on Saturday since the voucher valid from 9-14 Dec 2008. So there should be 2 days for you to shop :)

So what are you waiting for? Comment to get your discount voucher today!

P/S: Valid in Singapore, terms & conditions apply


Jordan said...

ESPRIT is just the brand for a complete ideal family, because of the undeniable fact that NATH IS THE BEST SHOPPERLOGGER EVER BWHAHAHAHAHA

YEAH. A decent touch of class with a trademark twist of Jordan :D

鸿鹏 said...

wow..sound cool...
haha...but i no interest on it xD
Maybe some other ppl might wanna win this card!

Jordan said...

I got a brilliant idea. Meh, I shall grab hold of it and and AND I'll do the same on my blog.

Das Connection is giving out 1 ESPRIT Voucher so leave the best comment within the next 48 hours and the voucher might be yours!


Henry LeE ® said...

Hmmm... maybe I should give it a try. It won't harm a bit rite? Here goes...

Esprit is one of the global lifestyle brand which comprises any range from clothes to scents and body accessories. It brings fashion also to the sports department. There are collections for men, women and children, street wear and also active sports. But it is not just trends, but also practical fashion. So initially Esprit is a brand that suits the young and old. As long as it takes, style and comfort is the brand priority for family and friends :)

Jordan said...

There goes 1 voucher, 1 more left everyone!

Scud said...

W.. o.. w..
C.. o.. o.. l..

What to say, I have no nice shirt (or t-shirt) for Christmas, New Year and even CNY..
So.. most of the time I went hiding inside the room..
Don't like to mention about my trousers..
But.. for the sake of this contest..
I actually have 6 wearable sport shorts..
5 of them have a f**king big hole,
from my hole to the other my hole..
The one which did not torn at all,
is because its texture is so flexible..

Espirit.. I know.. I saw.. I never worn..

Oh, ya~
My family..
At least their apparel looks nicer.. ;]