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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Project Gift a Kid

This Christmas season, help us make a difference in a child’s life.

What is it? “Gift a Kid” is a project by the Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur (RACKL), supported by the AllMalaysian Bloggers Project (AMBP). Its aim is to enrich the educational experience of 100 underprivileged children in the Klang Valley.

We hope to achieve this by: 

  • We hope to achieve this by:Providing back-to-school material - books, stationery, uniforms etc - for the 2009 school year, to 100 underprivileged kids, aged between six and 15 years.

  • Encouraging leadership and confidence by conducting interactive sessions and educational trips.

  • Allowing kids to be kids by organising “fun” trips. The first of these is a movie outing (possibly on Dec 19), the tickets to which are sponsored by United International Pictures. (See ‘How am I helping by blogging?’ below to know more)

Who benefits? Why, children of course, but to be more specific, children from the following organisations:

  • Rumah WAKE 1: A home for HIV+ children and their affected siblings under the Pertubuhan Wanita dan Kesihatan Kuala Lumpur)

  • Sekolah Rendah Jenis (Tamil) Cheras: Many of the children from this school come from the surrounding low-cost flats and squatter areas. Most of them can’t afford school uniforms, let alone school fees.

What can you, as a member of AMBP do to help? Why, blog about it, of course! But there are plenty of other ways you can help. Here are some suggestions:

  • Don’t only blog about the ‘Gift a Kid’ project, make it your best, most noticeable blog ever! And better still – make it a sticky post so that nobody misses out your blog post.

  • Sponsor a kid, from as little as RM10 to the full pack of RM150. A small step from you goes a long way towards empowering these kids’ futures.

  • Instead of giving a loved one a material gift, sponsor a kid on behalf of them. We’ll give you a gift card which comes nicely packed with an inspirational quote and ribbon that you can pass to them. That way you’re giving two people a gift at once!

  • Inform your friends, family members and colleagues.

  • Ask your friends, family members and colleagues to either sponsor a kid or spread the word. Or you could pool your resources.

How am I helping by blogging? As you already know, the blogosphere is very influential as a source of information, or as a catalyst for change. By blogging about Project Gift a Kid you will:

  • Get the word out. The more people know about this project, the more likely someone would come forward to help.

  • Give the gift of movies to one of the kids. United International Pictures has agreed to sponsor a number of movie tickets; your one blog post will send one of these kids to the movies.

On Dec 19 (tentative date), we will hand over the collected gifts to the children at The Star’s brand new multimedia outlet Studio V at 1 Utama shopping complex, where there will be plenty of fun activities lined up.

As such, apart from helping us get the word out, your one blog post will send one child to the event/movies.

Also, by adding an image (from the movies Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging or Wild Child) below your post on the Gift a Kid project, you may win yourself some goodies, thanks to our sponsors UIP and EMI. Details on the UIP Caption Contest tab above.

How do I go about sponsoring a kid? Here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. Print out the Sponsorship Form, then fill in your details.

  2. Together with the sponsored sum, return the form(s) to us between Dec 15 and 18, at the following address:

    Star Publications (M) Bhd
    Menara Star
    Phileo Damansara II
    15 Jalan 16/11
    46350, Petaling Jaya

For enquiries, or to get a form (if you can't find a printer), you can get in touch with Michael A. Fredericks (019-2184 307) from the AMBP, or Kavita (016-259 3818), Anu (016-254 6995) or Sumitra (012-246 9109) from the Rotaract Club KL (email: rotaract_kl@yahoo.com.sg).

All payments can be made via cash or cheque written to “ROTARACT CLUB OF KUALA LUMPUR”, and handed to the people listed above.

So what you waiting for, it's time for you to do you part Malaysians~ Merry Christmas!!!

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