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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Human parts processing factory (like sardines)

A factory in Russia harvesting kidneys, eye corneas and other human body parts for sale.

Bodies are collected from drunk drivers who died in car accidents, people staying alone who had frozen to death in the cold winter, criminals on death row or unexplained death and unclaimed bodies. Some body parts and bones are sold to Universities in various parts of the world. Leg bones are exported to pharmacies in Ireland and Germany to make tooth-fillings which is popular in Europe .
Other than Russia , India is also known to harvest human parts for export


What a shocking trend!!  

Friends be very very careful, when you go out in public & also do not hang around with people you have just met. Avoid going about alone at night. This can happen to both females & males too. Also thought is being given to the child who passed away at the Kuliyapitiya hospital recently whose body was found minus some organs at the mortury !
Stay close to your little ones, kids as they are easiest to be grabbed into a vehile & taken away. There was a mention of a human body parts factory in India too. They may well have associates over here too.

So for what it's worth to be careful of you & your family.


Yi Ling said...

omg. those people are sick.

Ahmike said...

So geli and lost humanity

Harry said...

hikes.. who knows we'll lost our private organs when we go there too.. =.="

Hengbok la femme Nikita said...

Hey people, please note to click on the hoax link provided in the entry. -> http://www.hoax-slayer.com/human-parts-factory-hoax.shtml


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